How Long Does Cremation Take? | The Cremation Process

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Cremation services has become a popular option that people choose over burial. In this topic we are going to discuss the questions that a person who is interested in cremation process and how long does cremation take ?.
must know. How does cremation work? is probably the first question anyone would ask for sure, to answer this question the person must know that there is many factors that affect the price they are going to pay, in this article we are going to discuss them all.
The second question is how does cremation work? To answer this in few words, it’s the process of cremating the body in a retort, then the ashes are put in a keepsake urn that will be given later to the family. Third question would be How Long Does Cremation Take? in general it can take from 45min to 1hour, in some cases it may take a little longer. People should also  know that  there is a pets cremation service that handle the cremation process just like with the humans, with love and respect.
Anyone must have heard of the term ‘cremation’ .Maybe you lost someone in your life and their body was cremated instead of buried. Have you ever wonder why? how? when? where? or how much does it cost to cremate a body... All of these questions must have crossed your mind.
According to Wikipedia, Cremation is at least 20000 years old. Some people prefer to choose Cremation as an alternative to the interment of a dead body in a coffin, casket, or shroud over burrying the body. Before going deep into the details let’s first start by a scientific definition of Cremation. So Cremation is the process in which a dead body goes through Combustion, Vaporization, and Oxidation, the thing that can turn the body to certain chemical compounds such as gazes, ashes, and mineral fragments.
Enough with the definition ! In the nexts lines we are going to answer many cremation related questions, such as how much does cremation cost? how do people get cremated? is there a cremation service for pets? and how long does it take to cremate a body?
First thing first, let’s start with the cremation process

Cremation process? 

The cremation process attracts many attentions, people are curious and want to know everything about that process, and we are here to erase all of those questions marks. A dead body must go through 8 steps to be finally cremated.

First step

An authorization must be obtained before the cremation starts. The one who can sign it would be a spouse, the husband or wife. The other folks that would need to sign if there is no spouse available to sign would be the children, the next of kin. According to Abby Schilling, a funeral director in Richfield, MN ‘’ the authorization form is a legal document that must be signed by either the person themselves prior to death or by the legal next of kin after death. In Minnesota there are two authorization options. If someone is doing a prearrangement for themselves, they can sign a document called the Self Authorization for Cremation. This document is retained in our files and used at the time of death. Authorization for Cremation and Disposition is the other option. At the time of death it is required that the legal next of kin or the majority of the legal next of kin sign the authorization for cremation.’’

Second step

Medical devices are removed, then the body is preserved through surgical removal of body fluids. After the preparation of the body, all jewellery and accessories are removes (of course if it is something desired by the family).

Third step

The body is placed in a cremation container of wood or other material called ‘’cremation casket’’, usually the material it is made of is wood, or it is placed in a large cardboard box. These types of containers will burn well during the cremation operation.

Fourth step

The body in the wooden cremation casket is placed in the cremation chamber or retort. In the retort, the floor is made from a special kind of masonry compound formulated specifically to bare extremely high temperatures. Once the body is in, the retort’s door that is a half foot thick, is closed either by hand or in the case of newer models by automated doors. The temperature within the retort must be between 1800°F and 2000°F.

Fifth step

It takes generally one hour and a half or two hours to cremate a body, although it may take a little longer depending on the type of the cremation furnaces that are used

Sixth step

Once the body is completely burned in the cremation chamber, and the retort is cooled the cremated remains, which usually still clearly identified as human skeletal remains, are swept with a long-handled hoe. After that an extremely powerful magnet is used to pick up any metal parts left behind from the ashes, such as fillings, plates and hip replacements.

Seventh step

The processing of the cremated remains  produce a pale grey to dark grey powder which is usually have a similarity with coarse sand in terms of texture and appearance. Although, there is a difference between the ashes of a man and the ashes of a woman. The cremated remains of an adult male will usually weigh around six pounds while the remains of an adult female will be closer to four pounds. The height of the deceased rather than their weight is what determines the weight of the ashes produced through cremation.

Eighth and last step

When all the previous process is complete, the remains or the ashes are transferred to a container or an urn provided by the family, and it will be given to the family representative.

How Long Does Cremation Take?

Let’s take a turn back to human cremation ! The cremation services tend to be 90 minutes to 3 hour. The heat dries the body, it burns the hair and the skin, it contracts all the muscle and vaporizes the tissues and calcifies the bones until they crumble. The bodies are mostly burned one at a time. There is usually no smell because the emissions are processed to destroy the smoke and vaporize the gases that would smell.

How much does a cremation cost?

In America cremation started to gain a lot of popularity recently , and the main reason behind that is the fact that people find cremation costs much less than other methods that are considered to be expensive. Always in America, the costs of cremation can vary from a state to another, according to .
The answer to « how much does a cremation cost » is not a simple, it depends on what specific service your family wants ,when you ask that question to a funeral director they would like you to give them more information, they still can give you an average price but YOU will have to decide and pick some options that will determine the price you are going to pay. Many factors affect the cost of cremation and we will talk about them one by one.

 First: transportation

cremation process
The cost of cremation can be affected by transportations costs. Transporting the body from where the  person passed away to the funeral house or to the crematory will cost you more money of course. Do you want the funeral to be in the church or in another place or do you want a memorial gathering after the cremation? do you want to mail the ashes to a specific place? all of that affects the price. According to there is a transportation service to the ashes where the cremated body can be shipped using US postal service, this kind of transportation is an inexpensive way that allows ashes shipping within the country .As an alternative, ashes can be transported by air, cremated remains can be shipped using services such as cargo or freight provided by the airlines. Since the funeral home takes care of all that it is obvious that it is going to cost you more money.

Second: body storage

One thing you need to know is that a body doesn’t get cremated the moment it arrives to the crematory. It’s a known fact that a certain amount of time must pass before the body can be cremated. Funeral homes charge you for the body refrigeration per day! Yes it’s true! And sometimes the family is the one that decides to wait some days before the cremation process starts, and that can happen for example if the person’s death happened unnaturally, like a crime, and investigations are still need to be done.

Third: cremation

Itself ! The costs of the cremation process alone can differ from a funeral home to another, the difference may be due to many reasons ; cremation differs from a person to another based on the size of the body, is it an unusual large person or a normal sized person.

Fourth: ashes

Every family chooses to handle ashes differently than other families. Some families choose to bury the ashes in a burial spot which is considered to be expensive since burial plot are expensive. In this case a headstone must be purchased also. Some families choose to store the ashes of the cremated body in a cremation urn and other choose to store the ashes in special urns called scattering urns. These scattering urns are fancy, their price can be between 100$ and 1000$ or maybe more.

Last: freedom of choosing

The family is totally free when it comes to choose how the cremation service will be. Some families want everything to be big and fancy, or want to bury the ashes in a cemetery or a private lot. Handling the ashes has really endless possibilities.
All the factors we mentioned before must be taken into consideration because there is no straight answer to «  how much does cremation cost? ».

 Is there a cremation services for pets?

Now let’s talk about a whole different kind of cremation, it’s ‘’pet cremation’’. It always hurts to lose a pet, Whether it comes unexpectedly, or after the course of a long illness. The pet cremation process is similar to people cremation at some levels, although of course they’re will be some differences. One of those differences is that pets have two cremation options. First one is the Individual Cremation Option which is an option where your pet can be cremated individually in an enclosed cremation chamber, the pet’s ashes will be collected carefully before another pet cremation begins.
And the second one is the  a Standard Communal Cremation Option, according to it’s a pet cremation process in which a small number of pets will be cremated together. In that process  there is no separation of pets and  you will not receive any ashes back from a communal cremation. All cremains of the communal cremations will first be cremulated then either stored or scattered only within the grounds of the PCS crematoriums and cemeteries.
The most famous kinds of pets cremations are dogs cremations and cats cremations since dogs and cats are the top animals taken as pets. Let’s take dogs for instance, CPC CARES which is a pet cremation service lists in their website many factors that affect the price the dog owner is going to pay. As there are many sizes of dogs, small, medium, large, and extra large, for each one of those sizes there is a specific price, in addition to the delivery costs, which by their turn are decided based on the size.
If you are wondering about pet cremation services then you must know the following information :
- Pet cremation services usually have someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
- Just with a phone call, you can have the company come and pick up your pet from the veterinary clinic and deliver it to the facility. Then your pet will be tagged with an identification number by a staff member, and then the cremation process will start. The pet body will be placed in the furnace that will transform the body into ashes.
- The ashes will be placed in bag or in a box, then either holds them for pick-up or deliver them to the owner  wherever they are !
Now let’s talk about pet cremation cost, there are 3 types of pet cremation that each one has a certain starting point price.
1/ Communal Cremation, which is a less costs option, it’s a method where more than one pet is cremated at the same time but with no physical barriers that prevent ashes from mingling with others. The cost of this option is 50$-65$
2/ Partitioned cremation, this one is similar to communal cremation, but the difference is that in partitioned cremation there are barriers that maintain separation of pets ashes sot hey don’t get mixed. Its cost starts at 95$.
3/ Private cremation or individual cremation, as mentioned before, it’s where the body of only one pet is present in the cremation chamber. This method is the most expensive one, and it generally ranges from around 215$ to 275$.
When it comes to the urns where the pets ashes are put in, they don’t differ that much from those used for humans, although there are some pets urns that are in the shape of the cremated animal inside. Also, Pet cremation chambers are usually smaller than humans retorts, they are designed to fit small size animals like dogs, cats, birds, pigs… But there are some bigger pet cremation chambers that can fit bigger size animals such as horses because it be many peoples choose to have horses as pets.