Top 10 Best Selling Urn for Ashes 2019

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Urn for ashes are so important for all the people who want to keep the ashes of their loved ones in a safe place, but many people are probably wondering, what type of burial urns should they choose? Or what is the best way to fill the burial urns?
You need to know that the answer to all those questions will depend on your personal preference, and where do you decide to bury, so you need to know all the types of urn for ashes first and know what you can use it for.

Therefore, we will tell you in our article all the things you want to know about urn for ashes in order to help you decide which one of them you really want and what is the best urns for human cremation.

The most popular types of urn for ashes:

You can find so many different types and kinds of urn for ashes, which are available in many online places and streets shops too, and the most popular kinds of those urns for ashes are wooden urns, urns for ashes small, baby urns, urns glass, urns for ashes for adults, Keepsake Urns, brass urns, ceramic urns, and marble urns.
Some urn for ashes are water burial and land burial, that is why they have several shapes and sizes, so we will tell you some of the most common types of them in the following lines in order to make you choose one of them carefully without facing any problems:
  • Urns for adult ashes:

That kind of urns for ashes is are sized to hold the ashes of one adult person, and they can be made of any material, like brass urns, marble urns, wooden urns, and more.
You need to know that the urns cremation ashes hold about 200 cubic inches of ashes, and that is the exact ashes of a person who weighed up to 200 lbs. before the cremation, and you can also find some urns for adult ashes, which have a capacity as high as 250 cubic inches.
  • Small urns for ashes:

Small urns for ashes and medium urns are one of the most common urns because they are used when families are dividing a loved one's ashes between two or more family members, so they found that they are the best choice for them.
You will notice that the small urns for ashes are designed to hold a portion of ashes in a perfect way.
  • Urns for baby or infant urns:

If you are one of the people who have experienced the loss of a baby or infant, then you will need to buy one of the urns for baby or infant urns, which are so small and will keep ashes safe in one place.
You can have your urns for baby as one of the cremation jewelry, and you will find them in several designs, such as silver heart with baby feet necklace, or silver Mother & Child pendant and necklace.
Note: you need to consider what you intend to do with the ashes of your loved one before buying any urn for ashes because you will find many options, so you need to decide what you are going to do with ashes before choosing any of the common urns for ashes.
Important tips for you when you use the urns for cremation ashes:
  • You must be sure that you have the correct sized urn to hold the ashes, for example, if someone weighed 190 pounds, then you will need an urn with a capacity of 190 cubic inches or larger.
  • It is better to ask for help from a funeral professional or trusted friend to handle the transfer of ashes for you.
  • You must know that the cremated ashes can vary in the amount because of the temperature variations, the bone structure of the decedent, and different cremation processes.
  • You will notice that the ashes come from the crematorium with a metal ID tag inside a plastic bag, and it is important to keep the tag with the ashes when you transfer them from the temporary container into the cremation urns for humans.
  • It is important to know that the standard capacity of one of the adult urns should be 200 cubic inches, except the Keepsake Urns, Keepsake Jewelry, Small and Medium Size Urns.

The best way to fill urns for human ashes:

There are so many ways to fill urns for cremated ashes, but there is only one perfect way you need to try in order to fill urns for cremated ashes in a perfect way no matter what kind of urns you have, you can do it with wood cremation urns, now you must follow the upcoming steps:
  1. You must transfer the entire bag from the temporary container into the urn
  2. Use a newspaper or towel to pour the cremated remains from the plastic bag into an urn for ashes
  3. Now you need to remove the bag from the temporary container
  4. In the end, you can put ashes into a new plastic bag inside the urn from the plastic bag
  5. Once you have put all of the ashes into the urn, clean the urn and replace the threaded closure.

Cremation urns for adults

Cremation urns for adults are the best solution for you when you lose someone you really love, and you want to have something from them.
You will find that cremation urns for adults are what you really want to honor the life of your beloved ones in a way they deserve.

Why do you need to buy cremation urns for adults?

If you want to feel that your loved one who passed away still with you, then you will need to buy cremation urns for adults, which is available on the market in many shapes and types.
Overall, we can make it simple for you by saying that cremation urns for adults are containers, which can hold the cremated remains of a deceased.
If you think that you will not need an urn for ashes because you can put the ashes in a temporary container or transparent plastic bag, then you are wrong.
Only the funeral urns can hold the ashes for so long time and will make it saved forever, besides it has many designs that can make you describe what you feel about your loss.

Important facts about cremation urns for adults:

  • If you want to have the best cremation urns for adults, then you need to buy the one that was made in the USA because they are beautifully made with incredible detail and craftsmanship, and they are so affordable
  • There is no particular place for cremation urns for adults because you can place them in a family burial plot, in the garden, or in your home as a decoration on the shelf 
  • All cremation urns for humans are environment-friendly because they are made from sustainable materials, such as natural clay, plant fibers, recycled paper, or maple
  • You will find that all cremation urns for burial are prepared from a huge number of materials, like ceramic, granite, wood, crystal, glass, bronze, brass, stainless steel, and resin
  • You can put cremation urns for burial in a water-soluble urn and you will find them float it in water, which will make a magnificent view
  • If you want to show that your loved one died in a dignified way, then you can try to the kind of urns for burial that can float, and then you will see that they will slowly sink in water

Perfect ways to choose the right cremation urns for adults:

When it comes to choosing the right cremation urns for humans, you need to think first about what you want to do with these urns for human ashes.
The purpose:
Will you bury the urn or place it at home? When you know what is the answer to this question then you will know how exactly choose the perfect and suitable funeral urns.
Overall, you will find a wide selection of funeral urns, but the best one of them is the cultured marble urns because they are so popular for ground burial.
If you decide to put the funeral urns at your home, then you need to take care of the style of the urn because it has to be good-looking and reminds you of your loved one all the time.
Do not forget the huge importance of the dimensions of the funeral urns especially if you want to put them in a columbarium niche.
The size:
About the size, you need to know that all cremation urns for adults can hold to 220 lbs., but we recommended buying medium urns size because they are suitable for almost all the popular amounts of ashes.
When we talk about the dimensions, you need to know that the height, width, and diameter of cremation urns for humans may be important.
If you want to buy the perfect cremation urns for humans, then we recommend rectangular urns because they are 6.5 inches high, which will be suitable for all the ashes.
The material and style:
You will find that all the urns for human ashes are made of different materials starting from brass and wood to marble, which will make a good and warm look for these urns for human ashes.
When you need to put the urns for human ashes at your home, then you will need to get a unique or artistic statement piece, so we recommend checking out the glass, ceramic, and raku urns.
However, if you are looking for a permanent urn for ashes, then you need to choose marble or cultured marble urn for ashes because it can hold the ashes for ages, and it can also be buried.
You will also find many different colors and styles of your favorite urn for ashes, and you can buy it from many places and online stores too.

What the size of cremation urns for adults do you need?

You can easily find out the size you want for the funeral urns after determining the type of cremation urn you need
Now you need to know that the cremation urn’s volume is measured by cubic inches, which can refer to the amount of space inside the urn
If you want to have perfect cremation urns for adults, then you will need a big urn with at least one cubic inch of space for every pound of body weight prior to cremation.
Simply, if your loved one is 150 pounds before cremation, then you will need to buy an urn that is at least 150 cubic inches or larger.
In case you find that there is no matching between the weight of the dead person and the urn, then you can select the larger size of the urn in order to make sure that all the ashes of the body will be in the urn.

The only way to move ashes into cremation urns for adults:

You will find that you receive the cremation urn from the crematorium in a plastic bag, so you need to remove them from this bag.
It will be easy for you to transfer the ashes from that bag to your own urn for ashes by not pouring or dumping the ashes very quickly but with slow motions, you will fill up cremation urns for burial in a right way.

Are funeral urns cheap?

If you are always asking yourself how much do cremation urns for humans cost? you need to know that you do not have to worry about the funeral urns price at all because there are so many types of funeral urns cheap, which you can buy for affordable prices.
You will find so many urns vases, which their cost will be between $25 to $160, and you will find the cost of wood cremation urns or similar materials will be around $30 to $140.

If you are looking for stylish kind of urns human ashes, which are made of ceramics, pewter or stainless steel, then you will have to spend $100 to $250.